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May 26, 2024

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Everyone has their own personal needs. But there are some everyday carry items that every man could stand to keep on hand. Here are 9 EDC items we consider essential....

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5 Fun and Worry-Free Ways to Spend Time with Your Partner

Whether you’ve been married for years or are just starting a new relationship, it’s great to spend quality time with your partner. But sometimes it can be hard to think...

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Workout: For Time Full Body Deep Breaths

Workout:   Do this as fast as you can "For Time":   1500 meter row machine 50 mountain climbers 50 air squats 50 push ups 50 wall balls   Don't...

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Why a fat wallet hurts your back

A fat wallet can be more than just a nuisance in your pocket – it can actually cause physical harm to your body. While a bulging wallet may make you...

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The Dangers of Smartphone Dependence and How to Break the Cycle

In today's world, it's hard to go anywhere without seeing someone glued to their phone. Whether people are scrolling through social media, checking email, or playing games, it seems like...

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Workout: 15 - 30 Minute AMRAP to Make You See the Gains

Workout - The best day to start was yesterday, the second best day to start is today. Get after it!  15 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible):   25...

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Discover the 5 Love Languages That Every Man Should Know

(Get this one right, and you'll reap the rewards) Men are naturally wired to protect and provide for the ones they love. But how can you positively show your affection...

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Unlock Intimacy in Your Marriage: Discover Creative Ways to Rekindle Romance with Your Wife.

For many married men, the romantic spark in their marriage can slowly fade away with time. If you’re feeling like your marriage has lost its warmth and intimacy, don’t lose...

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Workout: Easy/Short Murph

Workout - Do Your Best But Push Yourself   Break this up into 10 Rounds:   10 push ups 20 sit ups 30 air squats Rest Repeat for those 10...

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The 7's Workout - Full Body Burn

7 Rounds (rest as needed):   7 air squats 7 push ups 7 sit ups 7 lunges (per side) 7 burpees 7 pull ups 7 v-ups   **Google a Move...

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Body Weight Workout - Push Ups, Flutter Kicks, Air Squats, Run

50 Push-ups *1-Minute Rest* 200 Flutter Kicks *1-Minute Rest* 50 Push-ups *1-Minute Rest* 200 Air Squats *1-Minute Rest* 50 Push-ups *1-Minute Rest* 1 Mile Run   It is OK to...

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