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How Guys Make Friends
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How Guys Make Friends

Making friends can be tough for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for guys. Society tells us that we should just "be ourselves" and friends will come naturally, but that's not always the case. Guys often have to put in more effort to find and nurture friendships. Here are some tips on how to make friends as a guy.

Quick takeaways on male friendships:

  1. Friendships between men are often built on trust and respect, which requires having things in common, such as similar interests, hobbies, or even a shared passion for something.
  2. Spending quality time together doing activities like playing sports, video games or working out can help to strengthen the bond.
  3. Everyone needs their space. Doesn't mean you can't be buddies, just means grown men have priorities and not all of them are always fun.

Bros hanging out

Tip: don't revolve all your "friendships" around drinking. Those tend to not last when drinks are removed.

Lets Jump In - How Guys make friends

A lot of us guys have a hard time making friends. It can be tough to put yourself out there, especially if you're not used to it. But there are a few things you can do to make the process a little easier. Here are some tips on how to make friends as a guy. Use these and you'll be well on your way to having a great group of buddies in no time!

Buddies at the beach

Tip: figure out where you like to hang out and intentionally find people who like to hang out there as well. If you like to hang out at the beach, hopefully your buddies do to. If you like to play pickup basketball find those people! Try new things, but don't sacrifice what is important to you.


It's all about the bro code - guys have an unspoken set of rules that they follow when it comes to interacting with other men

While it's true that guys often have an unspoken code among themselves, it comes from a place of real friendship and camaraderie. It's their way of making sure everyone feels respected and gets along with each other in a funny way. Real friends care about each other, so the bro code is seen as way to keep conflicts out of the relationship . It may sound a bit old fashioned, but guys find comfort in following this code - even if they don't always agree on what it means!

Do activities together - invite your friends to hang out and do something you both enjoy.

Guys are more likely to be friends with someone who they have things in common with - whether it's a hobby, interest, or even just a TV show

It's no secret that guys feel a deeper connection with someone when they have things in common. Whether it’s a shared passion for basketball, the latest Netflix shows, or a love of craft beer, it's all something to bond over and feel connected on some level. Next time you find yourself bumping into a new acquaintance or having small talk at the office, try sharing something from your life and see if you hit that spark. It could just lead to your newest friendship!

Hint: no matter who you are talking to, guy friends, bosses, ladies, doesn't matter....ask people "what they do for fun" and "what are they working on or doing outside of work or their day job". This is going to start to get out of the normal lame questions and start the conversation about something more meaningful to another person.

Similar sports teams between guy friends

Tip: sports teams are great small talk, you don't even have to like the same team


9 Activities Male Friends Do Together

1. Play sports - tons of men's leagues out there.

2. Watch movies or TV shows (doesn't have to be together, but bond over them)

3. Go on a camping trip (or just go hiking if overnight is too much)

4. Participate in a local hobby or "sport" together (fishing? paddle boarding? frisbee golf?)

5. Working out together! Everyone likes a workout buddy and your being healthy!

6. Go to the beach/lake, or anywhere relaxing

7. Have dinner and drinks at a local restaurant - Everyone eats!

8. Visit an amusement park, carnival, or concert

9. Attend a professional sporting event


workout buddies at the gym

Tip: I think everyone admits they could get more exercise. Not everyone wants to crossfit though, so its more about figuring out the common exercise that buddies both like to do. Could be as simple as hikes within an hour of your town or as committed as joining the local gym together.

Men tend to bond over shared experiences, such as sports, video games, or working out

Men of all ages form strong relationships through shared experiences. Whether adult men are playing sports, testing new video games, or hitting the gym together, they're creating a bond that allows them to work on their well-being and strengthen their connection over time. Spending quality time together allowing adult men to learn from each other and practice healthy habits often leads to lasting friendships.

Cooking together dudes


Tip: everyone eats! I'll bet if you are friends you're going to eat some of the same foods. Dig in, make that buffalo chicken dip for the football game or go to the local diner for breakfast. Just try not to make your friendship based on bad eating habits if you can.


Guy friendships are often built on trust and respect - if you can't trust your friend, then he's not really your friend

Guy friendships go deeper than just having a bud to hang out with - strong connections are built on trust, respect, and loyalty in order to create strong bonds. If there is no trust between two guys, then the friendship won’t last very long, since you can’t even rely on the person anymore. You need to know that you can depend on each other through thick and thin for strong connections. This is why trust is so important in any strong friendship – without it an authentic bond just isn’t possible.

old friends enjoying a beer after a hard days work


Friend Tip: You're going to have to make some sacrifices. You might not want to attend your friends kids soccer game on a Saturday morning early, but those are the extra efforts real friends make for each other.


Finally, guys need time apart from their friends - sometimes you just need some alone time to recharge

It's absolutely normal and necessary to have some alone time in order to recharge during a busy day or week. Allowing yourself some "me-time" can be especially important if you spend lots of time with close friends. After all, spending too much time close to someone, no matter how close they are, can take its toll on both individuals and the friendship itself - so why not take a breather each now and again? It'll give you an opportunity to relax and think without the distraction of your close friends around and you can even use it as a chance to reflect and be thankful for these special people in your life.

gardening, sports, hiking, outdoors, all ways to have fun with friendships


Tip: don't be lethargic with friends. You are chemically wired to release dopamine doing things fun. Get up, get out, and get after it. Your body and mind will want to do those fun activities again.


So, there you have it - the unofficial guide to guy friendships. As with any relationship, there are some key things to keep in mind if you want your friendship with another dude to succeed. The most important thing is that you have things in common and share similar interests. Spending time together and sharing experiences is a great way to build trust and respect between friends. And finally, don't forget that guys need time apart from their buddies every once in a while - it's healthy for both of you! If all of this sounds like something you're interested in, go out on a limb and make a new friend. Who knows where it might lead?



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