The idea behind Forrest & Harold is simple. Designer leather is crazy expensive and the markup is, frankly, a bit ridiculous. So we set out to find beautiful handcrafted leather bags and accessories at an actual price humans of the earth would be willing to pay.
But not just typical generic leather bags that all look the same. We wanted handcrafted. We wanted unique. We wanted beautiful.
We wanted a laptop bag that will not only outlast your laptop, but one that you won't want to replace.
One you will want to pass on to your kids when they are carrying their bags while cruising down the street on their hover boards.
Then we wanted to repeat this for briefcases, camera bags, luggage, and any other beautiful leather goods we could find. 
We did not think we'd find it.  
Nah, that's not entirely true, we knew we could find it if we just looked hard enough. Like real hard.  
So we looked real hard, and we found designers and creators of beautiful leather goods all over the globe looking for an opportunity to sell to you.
We've selected the best products we can find, and will continue to add more as we uncover more beautiful hidden gems. 
You're welcome. 
Wait, wait... only kidding. 
What we actually mean is...
We hope you love Forrest & Harold. We truly appreciate every person who visits our site and makes a purchase with us, as the internet is a very crowded place in 2015 with a lot of amazing brands.