This may be the “About us” page, but it’s really about you.

When we founded Forrest & Harold, we set the bar high: We aimed to redefine the way that guys define themselves, through the things they carry and entrust to their most vital stuff.

It was—and is—a mission of passion. We design our products, like our signature wallets, ourselves, paying painstaking attention to detail. Including only what matters. Leaving the rest out. And making it indescribably beautiful in the process.

The goal? To give guys the opportunity to live simpler, smarter, and better lives. That’s admittedly ambitious. But the feedback from our customers tells us that we’re doing things right.

One unexpected thing about our journey: We had no idea how much heart, sweat, dedication, and perseverance we’d put into it. At the same time, we never realized how fun it would be. And how rewarding it is to get that bit of feedback—from a guy or the gal who loves him—that “this made a difference.”

Here’s to you. And to the better life we hope to help you attain.

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