Slim RFID Card Holder Wallet in Top Grain Leather

Color: Black / Blue

We believe the smaller the better when it comes to wallets. Never let your wallet bulge cramp your style or slow down your everyday transactions. This small little wallet may be one of the best multi-taskers ever invented. You can easily carry this wallet in your front or back pocket, you decide.

Each two-tone wallet features one solid colored side that has 3 slots for up to 6 cards. The front slot features an indented tab for easy card removal. 

We didn’t want to waste space on this wallet so we created a secret pocket in between the seams of the card holder and the cash sleeve sides of the wallet. This middle pocket can comfortably hold 2 to 4 cards and still keep a slim profile. Better yet, the middle pocket features RFID woven metallic-fiber lining, which keeps digital pickpockets away from your data and dollars.

Our cash sleeve may be one of the coolest features yet. This smooth and slick piece is sewn into the design so that it stays steady and secure. Slide your bills underneath and keep them in place for when you need them next.

The facts:

  • Designed in Los Angeles
  • Material: Top-grain leather
  • Colors: 4 great colors to match your individual style - each with subtle embossed F&H logo
  • High-tech protection from would-be RFID thieves
  • Four slots hold up to ten cards
  • Size: Slim profile measures 4.125” x 3”
  • Classy gift box included
  • 2 Year Warranty